7 “makeup technique easy steps keep your face perfect”

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Makeup technique today we have great tips. Come to leave the beginners to learn makeup technique. It is a simple makeup technique. For beginners or people who just practice . That there are any techniques that make up the bang and make it easy to survive before leaving the house Plus makes makeup technique easier Which can be composed every day Now let’s go see it.

1. Skin care The first step is important that everyone likes to forget.

Don’t forget to pay close attention to your skin care before makeup. Because of this skin care that will help make everything better. And most importantly, it makes it easier to apply foundation in the next step. Because dry and non-moisturized faces will damage the foundation! ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.com

Facial cream – dry face will cause the foundation to break. Because it causes flaking, dry marks, and various cracks on the face easily Therefore, applying a nourishing cream will help spread the foundation on the skin better as well.

Eye Cream – If anyone has problems under dark eyes, uneven wrinkles. Do not overlook this step. Because the eye cream will make it easy to apply concealer under the eyes. It is not dry and cracked, but should be applied in just the right amount.

Sunscreen – very important because the sun in Thailand is extremely hot. Not wearing sunscreen out of the house In addition to making the skin dark. Also causes freckles and wrinkles as well Which is difficult to maintain, please be warned!

2. Surface work with foundation and concealer

– Beginners use fingers, this is for applying the foundation. Or use Cushion type

Good skin is more than half the victory! For beginners to practice applying foundation, use your fingers. Easiest Because our fingers will adjust the temperature of the foundation to spread more easily than using a brush. Or using a cushion type foundation, it will be easier for beginners

– Apply concealer under the eyes and the area on the face that you want to cover.

The process is very easy. But requires a little sedation Choose to apply the concealer little by little, then gradually increase it by layers. Will make the concealer not stain Or a lump under the eyes.

TIPS! Choose a foundation that matches your skin, it will survive!

Choosing a foundation that matches your skin is the best. Priming the jaw area And choose the color that suits your skin the most.

3. Apply powder to control oiliness on the face

Use a powder puff or brush – focus on oilier areas. To set the foundation in place So that no one is greasy during the day forbidden! Use a puff or brush to scrub and drag over your face to move the foundation, apply a gentle swipe and press the puff instead. Avoid applying a lot of powder foundation under your eyes, which can cause the concealer to fall into the slit.

4. Eyebrows are the crown of the face

Use an eyebrow pencil to outline the outline, leaving the head of the eyebrow on Then, gradually filling the inside, focusing on the tail of the brow but letting the brow head flutter. If anyone is writing too dark, use a cutter but to blend the light color. For beginners Do not opt ​​for a dark eyebrow pencil. Or too difficult to delete.

5. Eye makeup is not difficult. You just need to pay attention to details.

There will be 2 styles for single & double eyelid (this step is included Eyeliner and mascara)

Double eyelids – lighten the entire eyelid Then use a dark color to gradient from the corner of the eye to the center of the eye Spreading both colors to make a beautiful chasing After that write the eyeliner close to the base of the lashes. Curl eyelashes and apply mascara.

Single eyelid – choose a light color all over the eyelid Then use a dark color to gradient from the base of the eyelashes up to the middle of the eye Spreading both colors to make a beautiful chasing After that, write a large line of eyeliner and wink a little high. Curl eyelashes and apply mascara.

6. Blush

The most important blush is You have to choose a color that matches your skin and it will be applied.

White – choose a soft color Looks gentle and cute

Medium skin – choose a neutral color That is not too light or darker than the skin

Dark skin – Choose a brown tone color. Or the orange is absolutely beautiful

For beginners to apply blush, start by gently brushing the cheekbones and gradually increasing the color intensity.

7. The last step, apply lipstick.

Normal lipstick or lip balm with tint It is easier to apply than a lip dip for beginners. Focus on a color that matches the skin, not nude. Or too dark It can be applied all over the lips to make it beautiful and easy.

In just 7 simple steps, you can get the perfect beauty out of the house!