7 tips to take “care of your hair”

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How to nourish your hair. Besides you girls Must pay attention to the makeup and dressing procedures I have to give time for maintenance and hair care too. Like this will ensure that the whole body is beautiful and flawless

Today we pick up 7 tips to take care of your hair before going to bed. Come share to try to do as well. Let me tell you that if you follow these tips on a regular basis. It will help change the problematic hair back to be strong, soft, smooth, no longer easy to fall apart, if ready, you can go and have a look.

1. Comb your hair neatly every time before going to bed

Before the girls lay down, head on the pillow with sleepiness. We want her to comb her hair properly every time before going to bed. By combing your hair before bed is a simple trick. That protects the hair at night as well. Because it will help comb the hair from getting tangled until the risk of falling out. It also helps distribute oil on the scalp from the roots to the ends of the hair as well.

But what you need to be careful. When combing your hair is Do not comb when your hair is wet. Because during this time the hair is weak and easily broken. In addition, do not follow the belief that combing your hair 100 times a day will help make your hair beautiful and shiny. Because combing the hair too often, it does not nourish the hair to be stronger. But instead cause the hair to get hurt until it is dry and ยูฟ่าเบท damage. Suggest that just combing your hair all over your head is enough.

2. Do not sleep when my hair is wet

What day do I have to wash my hair before going to bed? We believe that there must be a lot of women who are patient and wait until their hair is dry. You have to drop yourself asleep first, right ?! But be warn, this kind of behavior is severely hurting your hair. And also cause various problems Many more are coming.

Because of sleeping in spite That the hair is still wet, it will cause the hair to fall easily And moisture that lingers on the hair all night can cause inflammation, burning, itchy scalp followed by dandruff full head. Ideally, if you really need to wash your hair at night, wash your hair 2-3 hours before bedtime. In order to have time to dry your hair completely. This time, I have a sweet dream. Without worrying about hair

3.Add a hair serum to help prevent frizzy hair

The size of the face still needs maintenance from the serum. So that the extracts are absorbed into the skin more deeply Our hair is no different from the surface. Who need products to help take care of the hair to be soft, healthy and shiny like a dream And if the girls Problems waking up in the morning with frizzy hair that doesn’t look like a shape. It should be a hair serum before going to bed in order to lock the hair straight in a beautiful shape all day long.

You can choose a product that contains argan oil or flower oil. It will help nourish the hair to be softer, smoother and more shiny than before. But when wearing hair serum, it should be left at the root of the hair. And wear only the middle of me until the end of me is enough This will not make your hair sticky. I didn’t get it the next day.

4. Massage the scalp to increase relaxation

A girl who likes to go to a beauty salon, go to do hair or have a haircut. When the hairdresser massages the scalp while washing your hair. It is very hearty and very relaxing. Do you think? Which you girls can massage your scalp for yourself before going to bed as well
Because the benefits of scalp massage do not help you feel relaxed until you fall asleep and fall asleep better. But also stimulates blood circulation on the scalp As a result, the hair roots are stronger and the hair is thicker as well. Therefore, before I close my eyes and sleep for a long time Then use your fingertips or paws to massage in a circular motion over the scalp. That’s all for the secret to beautiful hair that is easy to do at home.

5. Lock hair moisture with treatment.

For women who have dry and damaged hair, frizzy hair, or lack of care Sometimes, just using shampoo and conditioner may not be enough to nourish your hair. So we would like to recommend another hair care tip that should be done on a regular basis. Which is to use hair treatments to lock in moisture to make your hair more weighty, sure enough. Think about it, the size of a woman who uses the treatment after washing her hair Hair is still soft and smooth quickly. And if I have been doing longer hair treatments while sleeping and having a sweet dream

That means your hair will be maintained overnight. You may apply a small amount of hair nourishing lotion after washing your hair first. Then use a hair dryer to dry completely. Alternatively, you can also opt for a treatment formula that you can use when your hair is dry. Just now, when we sleep, your hair will be restored, nourished and taken care of, making it look healthy and looking shiny many times.

6. I don’t want my hair to be oily, I have to use dry shampoo

Have you ever ?! Waking up in the morning, my greasy hair almost fell on my face despite washing my hair a few days ago. #Birds If a girl knows she is mine, it’s easy. In a moment, my hair became so greasy that I couldn’t stand it. We have a simple trick. That will help wake up with beautiful hair, it’s not shiny, the trick is to use dry shampoo, spray your hair before going to bed, sure enough.

Ah, when I heard this, don’t just shook your head first, we know that the girls Most often use dry shampoo in the morning. Or wake up and don’t want to wash your hair but want to get rid of it urgently But if switched to try using dry shampoo before bed It will help absorb oil from the roots of the hair well. Plus styling from the night When you wake up in the morning, it will make me look more natural as well.

7. Hair treatment overnight with hair conditioner

When I wake up in the morning, I open my eyes. Has anyone found the hair falling off the pillow as well ??? Let me tell you that the reason for the hair loss is seen like this. It is because during the night when we sleep and turn around. The hair is rubbing against the pillowcase, causing the hair to fall out easily.

If you are young. If you want to deeply nourish your hair to keep your hair moisturized, not dry, not easily broken, then you must try using a hair conditioner overnight. Because sometimes the hair only takes a few minutes after shampooing. Hair may not be able to fully absorb nutrients. But if I marinate with hair ufabet conditioner and leave it on all night It will help the hair to absorb nutrients better. And increase the time of restoration of hair care to be longer