8 Beauty secrets for “office ladies”

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Who works as “office ladies”? We believes that there are many girls. Raise your hand a lot. And problems that often bother girls Working outside the home is so busy that you don’t have time to take care of yourself. Come to know again, shabby looking in the mirror and be shocked by the pictures you saw today, We took 8 simple beauty tips for “office ladies” that will help  be beautiful even on the day when the table is overflowing.

1.Wake up early

Going to bed a little earlier and getting up a little earlier will give you time to do many things before going to work. Whether it is makeup, choosing to match clothes with style. Including light exercise In the morning that will stimulate the circulation of blood to make the skin look radiant. Or if there is still time left, Lady We should try a facial massage with a roller made of jade. Which strengthens the collagen and elastin production processes Helps skin elastic. The cooling from jade will help reduce swelling and give you a feeling of relaxation. And when used in conjunction with a serum, it will nourish the skin at the same time. 

2. Apply sunscreen

Sunscreens not only protect our skin from UV rays in the sun. But also prevent the skin from being damaged by the blue light coming from the computer screen. Especially office ladies who have to sit in front of the computer 7-8 hours a day at least. We recommends applying sunscreen before leaving the house to work every day. And it should be reapplied every 2 hours. If any woman does make up and is afraid that adding more sunscreen during the day will cause the makeup to fade. He now has a spray sunscreen that can be used on his face. Guaranteed, convenient, easy to use Not sticky or greasy for sure. 

3. Apply body cream

Believe that all girls will probably apply a moisturizer for the face already. But do not forget to apply a body cream as well. Because other skin types The body’s need for moisture is no different from the skin. The skin becomes dry and loses moisture a lot. Therefore, in addition to the ” hand cream ” that are familiar and used regularly Try adding some more body lotion. How can the skin be beautiful and full of water all over the body? 

4. Gather your hair to prevent damage.

Leaving your hair at work may not be against most corporate rules. But did you know that it has more negative effects than you think? Shoulder-length hair often makes us sweat more than usual. And may cause pimples or rashes from irritation have also been released, I have the opportunity to hair damage from pollution and dryness of the air conditioning we recommend trying to catch a high ponytail, pigtails many. In any form or can be tied into a chic “Dango” because in addition to helping reduce that problem Also increases the ambition I do not cover my eyes. And also helps prevent hair tangling

5. Use dry shampoo

On days when you need to be in a rush, there is no time to wash your hair or go to the salon. To prevent the hair from looking greasy and fluttering It’s not good to look dirty and lose personality. We wants you to try dry shampoo because it’s easy to use, save time, and there are many brands to choose from. With the main features. To absorb excess oil from the hair, keep hair from flattening, reduce scalp itch, add fragrance to hair. Also known as helping to recover the condition of the hair, on days when there is no time to wash your hair, it would not be wrong.

6. Make up even on a rush

Light makeup on the workday can give you a fresher, more professional look. we recommends avoiding makeup that requires touch ups during the day and switch to something simple but effective, such as a lightweight BB cream, tint. Moisturizers , eyeliners, and lip glosses – try to use makeup that is lightweight and formulas that won’t clog your pores. It will not make the villain ” acne ” followed unexpectedly. Any woman who uses a Setting Spray for a long-lasting makeup lock that contains alcohol may try to switch to a mineral water spray containing water. Rose and cucumber It will help soothe and make the skin look radiant and natural.

7. Always carry lip balm in your bag.

Working in an air-conditioned room with a low moisture content makes our lips dry and peel. Even if there is a lack of regular maintenance as well May even break the skin until the blood seeps. We should choose a lip balm that adds moisture to the lips, soft to the touch. You may want to choose a tint product with a thin, natural color to add a healthy color. But be aware that some ingredients of lip balms that can cause the skin around the lips drier than before.

8.Drink a lot of water

Office ladies, to prevent the skin from looking dull and tired, you girls should drink a lot of water. So that the skin retains moisture from within Try to drink at least 2 liters of water while you work each day. As for anyone who is addicted to coffee or pearl milk tea Try switching to warm green tea. Without sugar Or juice extracting pulp that helps the body Detox see that it is better for our skin than drinks with caffeine and a lot of sugar for sure.